About Sensei


初めまして!私はカステック高校の日本語教師のルネイ パスコウスキと申します。高校二年生の時、日本語を勉強するのが始まって、高校から卒業した後、ミシガン州立大学で専門として日本語を勉強し続きました。さらに、教師になるための勉強もしました。そして、2005年から2010年まで、滋賀県の長浜市でAssistant Language Teacher (ALT)としてJapan Exchange Teaching (JET)プログラムに参加することしました。高校教師として三年間で小学校教師として2年間でとてもいい勉強になり、嬉しかった語年間でした。






About Paczkowski-sensei:

Hello and welcome! My name is Renee Paczkowski, and I am the Japanese teacher at Cass Technical High School. I began studying Japanese during my sophomore year of high school, and continued my studies at Michigan State University following my graduation. I worked towards my teaching degree. After graduating, I moved to Nagahama City in Shiga Prefecture to work as an Assistant Langauge Teacher (ALT) as a member of the Japan Exchange Teaching (JET) Program. During my time on JET, I taught for three years at the high school level, and two years at the elementary school level. It was an incredible and enjoyable five years.

After returning to the U.S. in August of 2010, I returned to college to earn my Social Studies teaching endorsement. And I began teaching at Cass Tech in January of 2013.

Currently, I am studying Foreign Language Teaching at Michigan State University, and play to graduate in the Fall of 2016 with my Master of Arts in Foreign Language Teaching.

About Cass Tech:

Cass Technical High School is a public magnet school in Detroit, MI. There are four languages taught at the school, including Japanese, Chinese, French, and Spanish. The Japanese Program is a full, four-year program with 152 students enrolled in all levels during the 2014-2015 school year. Beginning in the Fall of 2015, Japanese will be a Language B option for International Baccalaureate (IB) students.


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