Goodies from Kickstarter! キックスターターからの物物!

A few months ago, I did a Kickstarter search for Japanese language and culture-related projects. Although many of the exciting looking projects had come and passed, there was one from White Rabbit Press that looked very exciting. The project was to raise the money for printing a new style of hiragana/katakana chart, and the design was clean, simple, and absolutely gorgeous. I donated money, choosing the level that would also net me their new kanji poster (ALL 2136 joyo kanji!!!), and the White Rabbit Press kana card set.

数ヶ月前、キックスターターにある日本や日本語に関係があるプロジェクトを調べて、White Rabbit Press新しいカナ表を印刷できるためのプロジェクトを見つかりました。その会社が作っているものは大好きですので、お金を献金して、常用漢字ポスター(ぜ〜〜〜〜んぶの常用漢字だよ!)やカナカードの献金レベルを選びました。

Yesterday, my goodies arrived!


IMG_0190 IMG_0189  IMG_0187IMG_0186

I even received a set of beautiful bookmarks and a couple of White Rabbit logo stickers! (^0^)/


See you next time!(^_^)