Hello world! 私のブログへようこそ!

Greetings and welcome to 「日本へ行こう!」(“Let’s go to Japan!”)!

このブログはニカ国語によるブログです。日本語と英語に書いています。(For English, please scroll down)




This is a bilingual blog written in both Japanese and English.

Back in December of last year, I applied for a grant through The Japan Foundation that would allow me to participate in their Short Term Teacher Training Program for the summer of 2015. Similar to the results of JET Program interviews, I didn’t find out the final results until April of this year.

I am VERY excited to say that I was awarded the grant, and will be getting on a plane July 6th to spend two months in Japan doing intensive language study and also studying Pedagogy (art of teaching) with Japanese Language and Culture teachers from around the world. I’ll return on August 31st, and I could not be more excited!!!

In addition, as a part of the Master in Arts in Foreign Language Teaching Program (MAFLT), I will be keeping this blog! The MAFLT Program requires the completition of an experimental module of the students’ choice and design (in cooperation with program professors). For my plan, I am participating in an immerision program in order to increase my own Japanese language ability and also to gain new techniques and experiences to share with my students.


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